“Cube” is a modern style product that contains the functionality. You can see the aesthetics of a decorative object in the product beyond a classic mortar. It is made of porcelain it can fit both modern and traditional kitchen. It shaped into a cube with rounded angles feature a special hole for storing a pestle. Another hole on the side of the mortar is for grinding spices. Its design is both unusual due to its shape and creative in terms of storage. The pestle has its own special space and the design can easily fit into a modern style kitchen cabinet. The rounded cubic shape goes well with the rounded pestle. There are two different size holes for grinding small and large pieces. Also, there is a special hole for storing a pestle at the other surface of the body. It has a cubic shape so it can easily fit into any kitchen cabinet. It is hygienic, easy to clean and dirt-repellent product also it prevents the formation of bad odors because of made by porcelain.
CLIENT: Porland