Plane” is not only simple and elegance but also functional product family that is including desk accessories you need at work. This product offers a different design to the user with a different user experience. There are 7 office accessories in a single planar form and the user make 3 dimensional items from the planar form. This product is produced from 280X198mm size of stainless steel sheet by laser cutting method. There is a visual explanation on the A4 craft envelope how the product will be made by the user, at the same time this envelope will be packaging of the product. In this way companies could send this item directly with this package as a gift without paying any extra cost. The product will be produced from 0.6mm stainless steel and the package will be produced from craft paper. It is a green product in terms of production method, material usage and packaging.

A simple planar rectangular form is occurring from 7 rectangular pieces which turn to 3 dimensional products such as pencil holder, card holder, paper clips box, tape holder, picture frame, book clips and ruler when they are folding.

CLIENT: Promotürk